About Us

Centre of Building Research

HDB Centre of Building Research (CBR), previously known as Prefabrication Technology Centre, is the Master Laboratory to incubate and nurture new technologies to be used for building homes for future generation. Officially opened in July 1995, it was the first of its kind in the region then to be set up to spearhead the use of prefabrication technology.

The R&D activities now focus on 5 different clusters:

  • Energy
  • Urban Greenery
  • Waste & Water
  • Living Environment
  • Building Technology

Trend studies and analysis are first conducted to identify areas for improvement through R&D programmes that are carried out at CBR. New design features or improvement programmes are then introduced and implemented to both new and existing estates to enhance our building life cycle performance and improve the lifestyles of our residents.

Over the years, international and local visitors from government agencies, institutes of higher learnings, business partners etc. have visited CBR to learn more about HDB’s sustainable building technologies and innovations.