About Us

Building Research Institute

The formation of the Building Research Institute (BRI) on 1 Sep 09 signifies HDB’s priority to better focus its efforts in R&D to achieve our aim of improving the living environment and creating endearing homes for our residents.

There are two main research thrusts in the Institute:

The first thrust focuses on existing buildings and its built environment called the Live-in Laboratory. The challenge is to reduce maintenance costs through introducing energy efficient and environmental sustainable solutions in the estates.

The second thrust focuses on implementation of sustainable solutions in new developments called the Integrated Laboratory. We introduce new technology, develop cost effective solutions, upgrade design standards and materials to respond to higher quality, environmental challenges in new estates and to provide innovative solutions to solve daily household problems and improve our everyday lives. To incubate and nurture new technologies, BRI’s Master Laboratory is the Centre of Building Research, where prototypes and test bedding are carried

out to ensure that the new technologies are matured and suitable for larger scale implementation at the Live-in and Integrated Laboratories.

There are five clusters of research expertise in BRI that forms the foundations for all strategic studies, innovations, applied research and knowledge solutions:

  • Energy
  • Urban Greenery
  • Waste & Water
  • Living Environment
  • Building Technology

With the strong research structure and framework in place, it will facilitate BRI to deliver its four desired research outcomes of Maintainability, Sustainability,

Productivity and Cost.